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Would you like to see the original manuscripts of authors Hendrik Conscience, Paul van Ostaijen or Willem Elsschot? Visit the museum and find out more about the history of Flemish literature.
DIVA collection + expo 'Masterpieces in Miniature
DIVA, museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver Step inside for an unforgettable journey through the rich history of diamonds and goldsmithing in Antwerp and learn all about the trade and consump¬tion of the ultimate luxury goods and the skills involved in making them. Marvel at DIVA´s dazzling collection as you journey through 500 years of craftsmanship. The entrance ticket entitles you to visit the museum’s permanent collection and its special exhibitions.
Rubens House
The permanent collection contains a large number of works by the master himself and by his peers and contemporaries. These are the ten masterpieces that you cannot afford to miss.
MAS & expo 100 x Congo
Visit the museum (including Stuff) and the exhibition 100 x Congo. A century of Congolese art in Antwerp.Visit the museum (including Stuff) and the exhibition 100 x Congo. A century of Congolese art in Antwerp.
Museum Plantin-Moretus
A new museum layout, reading room and collection storage. The house, the printer’s workshop and the Plantin-Moretus family will come to life even more than was the case in the past. Inhale the scent of wood, leather, ink and wisdom. Enjoy the stillness of the courtyard garden, the creaking of the wood floors, the industriousness at one of the oldest printing presses in the world.
MAS - Permanent exhibition
Visit the permanent exhibitions of the museum (including Stuff).
RSLM | Combiticket expo perm. + temp.
The permanent collection focuses on the stories of passengers who traveled to America on the Red Star Line in search of happiness and a better life. The temporary exhibition Destination Sweetheart takes you into stories that tell about migration for love.
RSLM | Expo Destination Sweetheart
‘Destination Sweetheart’ is an exhibition about migrating for love from the Red Star Line period to the present day. Letters, interviews and personal objects offer insight into heart-warming stories, as well confrontational ones.
Red Star Line Museum | Permanent exhibition
It’s all about the stories in The Red Star Line Museum. The stories of the passengers who travelled to America with the Red Star Line, in search of happiness and a better future. All these stories tell the history behind the Red Star Line. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions in The Shed, which was the name of the old baggage shed.
Het Maagdenhuis was vroeger een weeshuis voor meisjes, 'maegdeckens' genoemd. Binnen het prachtige gebouw ontdekken bezoekers de geschiedenis van de weesmeisjes en de Antwerpse armenzorg. De rijke kunstcollectie met werken van Rubens, Van Dyck en Jordaens past verrassend goed in dat verhaal. Wees welkom! Alleen bezoekers met een geldig e-ticket en legitimatiebewijs krijgen toegang.
Museum Mayer van den Bergh
The collector Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (1858-1901) was passionate about art and far ahead of his time. He had a nose for works that were of little interest to others then, but are universally admired now. His special field of interest was the art of the Low Countries from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance (14th – 16th century), and he had a partiality for Bruegel.
Museum Vleeshuis
Museum Vleeshuis looks back at six hundred years of music and dance in the city. You will be immersed in the stories of musicians, shown how musical instruments are made, taken to the first balls and opera performances…and especially enjoy many beautiful sounds.


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