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RSLM | Expo Destination Sweetheart
‘Destination Sweetheart’ is an exhibition about migrating for love from the Red Star Line period to the present day. Letters, interviews and personal objects offer insight into heart-warming stories, as well confrontational ones.
RSLM | Combiticket expo perm. + temp.
The permanent collection focuses on the stories of passengers who traveled to America on the Red Star Line in search of happiness and a better life. The temporary exhibition Destination Sweetheart takes you into stories that tell about migration for love.
Red Star Line Museum | Permanent exhibition
It’s all about the stories in The Red Star Line Museum. The stories of the passengers who travelled to America with the Red Star Line, in search of happiness and a better future. All these stories tell the history behind the Red Star Line. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions in The Shed, which was the name of the old baggage shed.
Red Star Line Museum - Free admission on Wednesday
If these walls could talk, we would probably be surprised about the stories they could share. Two million passengers travelled to America on the Red Star Line ships. Explore the museum section by section. The museum is open for free every last Wednesday of the month.
Red Star Line Museum | Gids zoekt groep
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